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Exhaust Systems

Most engine installations feature a wet exhaust system

When using a wet exhaust system, the gases from the engine are mixed with raw cooling water from the heat exchanger. The lower temperature in the exhaust not only makes the use of synthetic materials possible, but also reduces the sound level. In order to reduce the noise level even further, an additional silencer may be installed. In addition to a silencer, a proper assembly also needs a water lock. The function of a water lock is to collect the cooling water when the engine is stopped, so that the water cannot flow back into the engine. In order to simplify the rather complicated engine installation, Craftsman Marine has combined the silencer and the water lock in one single unit, called the Soundlock. The result is: less cost and less installation time, whereas the unit takes up less space on board too. Mounting materials included.

Patented design combines water lock and silencer in one unique product.
Exhaust connections with a high gloss polished stainless steel cover.