Customisable engine panel to keep you updated on the condition of your engine.
Milled out of a solid aluminium plate and anodised for optimal corrosion resistance.
Fitted standard with revolution/ hour counter and voltmeter.


  • Waterproof connectors.
  • Rear cover, protection of electrical parts.
  • Easy calibration of the tachometer with the supplied stylus.
  • Double connection on the Voltmeter to interconnect the backlight power supply of other gauges (fuel, water, waste water, etc.).
  • All gauges are provided with backlight. When using the optional automatic dimmer module the backlight of these instruments will dim.
  • Tachometer with digital hour counter. Starts counting when the speed of the engine is above 400 rpm.
  • Ultraviolet sunlight resistant foil at the front.
  • Double glass, to prevent condensation.
  • Stainless steel screws.
  • Gasket for dashboard mounting.
  • Ignition switch with re-start protection. Supplied with 3 keys. Dust cover included.
  • Printed wiring board with conformal coating for protection against humidity and glueing of component for protection against vibrations.
  • Standard equipped with warning lights for:
    • High exhaust temperature
    • Low engine oil pressure
    • High coolant temperature
    • Battery charging current
    • Pre heating of the engine