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Designing and engineering reliable, safe and smooth running marine engines is one of Craftsman Marine’s core expertise. The shift in focus over the last decade, to create more energy efficient engines, has influenced our industry and subsequently our entire product range. All new marine diesel engines must meet increasingly stringent emission requirements. Our Mitsubishi and Hyundai based diesel engines totally comply with the latest iteration of the European Recreational Craft Directive (RCD).

All our diesel engines are fully tested according to the latest international requirements. Because we have extensive knowledge regarding the latest requirements for robust diesel engine testing, you can be sure your engine will run smoothly and consistently.

A Craftsman Marine diesel engine is a thoroughly reliable means of propulsion.
The engine control panel enables the skipper to control and monitor the engine status.
Optimal noise reduction and a drastically reduced installation time of your exhaust assembly.
Water strainers ensure an efficient raw water flow.
To seperate water from your fuel system.