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With Craftsman Marine manoeuvring your boat in the right way at the right place, anytime, anywhere.


There are situations where a boater could use a little help, for example, when he just sails completely on his own, or just with inexperienced people on board.


Craftsman Marine has an impressive range of products developed and manufactured, which you send your boat with precision and ease through all possible difficulties.


The product range are from a wide range of bow thrusters and stern thrusters to a full hydraulic steering with solid steering wheels. Of course, these controllers are supplied complete with panels, cables, tunnels and the necessary mounting hardware to mount it well in your boat. 

Excellent electric bow and stern thrusters for easy manoeuvring when moving at low speed.
Hydraulic thrusters for easy and accurate manoeuvring at low speed.
Stern tunnels with Glasfiber reinforced polyester sandwich construction.
Control panels for bow and stern thrusters.
Connection and splitter cables to optimise the placement of your panels.
Different sizes of thruster tunnels to facilitate a bow thruster.
The anodes are available in both zinc and aluminium.