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Nowadays all boats use electrical products, from a simple battery connection to advanced read-out or control panels.

Electronics assist in many ways to make boating easier and safer. When you rely on your electronic equipment to supply you with the required information, it is of great importance to use high quality products to ensure long lasting operation. Craftsman Marine electrical products are developed in-house and the application area is thoroughly investigated for each product. On all our electrical equipment high quality components are used and the printed circuit boards are sealed with conformal coating for protection against all possible environmental conditions like humidity and salty air. This makes our products suitable for any marine application. With the Craftsman Marine products you can rely on excellent performance for many years.

A professional range of gauges for any marine application.
Aluminium instrument panel.
To complete your electrical installation. Fuse (holder)s, switches, terminals, etc.
Tank sencors with no moving parts.