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Craftsman Marine offers a professional range of gauges for any marine application.

Craftsman Marine gauges are fully resistant against environmental conditions, like humidity, salty air, temperature variations, vibrations and ultraviolet sunlight. The gauges are tested in certified laboratories with high quality test equipment for all the above conditions and thanks to endurance testings you can rely on these gauges for many years of use.

All Craftsman Marine gauges feature:

  • a double glazed lens to avoid condensation. Lens is replaceable. IP67 protection on the frontside.
  • Panel mount or flush.
  • Bezel easy changeable.
  • Available in black and white.
  • Bezel available in white, black or chrome.
  • Backlight through transparent dial.
  • Automatic dimmer option with engine panels.
  • Fluorescent pointer for perfect readings in any lighting condition.
  • Easy installation with supplied bracket.
  • Standard 6.3 blade electrical connections.
Accurate and stable tachometer with hour counter.
0-10 bar oil pressure indicator.
40-120 degrees temperature.
8-16V indication of the voltage.
Tank level indication.
40 degrees rudder indicator
Standard bezel for gauges.