Anchor Windlass 400W, 12V

Craftsman Marine offers vertical windlass designs to minimise deck clutter.

The electric motor and gearbox are installed below deck and are IP66 rated. The chain runs 180 degrees around the gypsy resulting in unmatched resistance against slipping. In comparison, a horizontal windlass design will have all its components above deck level, making it bulky and bringing more weight high above the waterline. The chain only runs 90 degrees around the gypsy, making it more prone to slip than a vertical windlass design.

A windlass with capstan can be handy for handling a “rope only” second anchor rode, for lifting the dingy or talking in a mooring line. The capstan must never be used to haul a person up the mast. With the use of a chain stopper (essential anyway!) the second “rope only” anchor rode can be retrieved with the chain of the all chain anchor rode still in the windlass.

Every windlass comes with most of the required components needed for installation. A base gasket seal between the windlass and deck, two circuit breakers (automatic), a heavy duty relais complete with cable loom, a winch handle to control the clutch and of course a drill pattern. Cables, control panel and tools are not included.